Restaurant for Sale in Lake Elsinore, CA

I’m a restaurant owner, retiring and selling my historic, Southern California restaurant after 54 years of running it. I have no inherent connections, as I have spent practically all of my time in the kitchen running the operation. If you know of anyone with culinary or hospitality aspirations, could you turn them on to this opportunity?

My ~ 2500 square foot Lookhouse Roadhouse in Lake Elsinore, CA sits on 6 acres of quiet mountain beauty on the edge of a national forest with a view of a natural lake 1,000 feet below and other mountains in the distance.

It offers incredible potential. It’s a turn-key restaurant that’s been in business for 77 continuous Years and is ready for the next owner’s dream, for someone with a vision and the means to make it happen. And with easy access to freeways and major airports, near the Southern California coast and the expansive inland areas, it truly is a diamond in the rough.

If you would be willing to pass this on to any potentially interested folk, I’d greatly appreciate the exposure. Please contact us today if you’re interested!

Barbara Shea-han